Kris Humphries brushes off Kardashian’s nude mag cover

Kris Humphries’ 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian will forever haunt the NBA big man.
Humphries, who currently plays for the Washington Wizards, not only is exposed to heckling fans everywhere he goes. He’s also forced to answer questions about Kardashian whenever she does something newsworthy, like pose nude for Paper Magazine.
Kardashian made waves this week — broke the Internet, if you will — when Paper Magazine released an issue featuring a cover in which she bares all. Humphries, who broke up with Kardashian three years ago, was asked about the photos Thursday during a radio interview with 106.7 The Fan in Washington.
“Well, you know, I’ve always been a basketball-first kind of guy. And had a lot of success through everything,” Humphries said. “For me, it’s just basketball, and that’s where my outlet is, especially now. I’m on a team that’s winning, and we’re going to be in the playoffs and do all that. It feels good. But everything else, I don’t really pay a lot of attent

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Kris Humphries shares nasty photo of gruesome finger injury

Things have certainly quieted down for Kris Humphries since his dumpster fire of a sham of a made-for-TV marriage to Kim Kardashian. In fact, it seems like an eternity ago that Humprhies was the butt of countless jokes on late night television and the like and treated with derision, mock and ridicule everywhere he went….Read More
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Kris Humphries hits miraculous game-tying buzzer-beater

The shot forced overtime with the Pelicans.

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Stevens on Humphries storming off the court: “He’s upset because we lost, and he certainly has got a right to be”

Kris Humphries has been the most consistent Celtic for the past couple of weeks. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been real happy with his playing time. Humphries only played 27 minutes, when he scored 20 points, and ripped down 11 rebounds in the win over the Pistones. The next three games, the same thing. – 15 points, 9 rebounds in 26 minutes (vs. Pacers)- 15 points, 5 rebounds in 21 minutes (vs. Knicks)- 11 points, 13 rebounds in 25 minutes (vs. Suns)I don’t know if Humphries playing another 10 minutes or so would have resulted into any wins in the past three games, but I feel like he should have been out there more. Just for the fact that he’s provided the Celtics with the most consistent play on the offensive end. He’s shooting 60% in the past five games, in 53% in the previous 10. Rondo ,and Humphries have formed a nice solid foundation on the offensive end. Brad Stevens on”He’s upset because we lost, and he certainly has got a righ…

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Celtics’ Kris Humphries Gets Rejected by the Rim on Dunk Attempt vs. Pacers

The Indiana Pacers have the best home record in the NBA, and the Boston Celtics’ Kris Humphries might know why. Even when the Pacers don’t stop someone on defense, the rim can bail them out.

Humphries thought he had two points on a dunk Tuesday night, but he was unable to beat the rim.

Here’s one way of looking at it:

The rim has apparently been taking notes from Pacers center Roy Hibbert.

[A. Sherrod Blakely]

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Celtics Reportedly Prefer Not to Trade Kris Humphries Before 2014 Deadline

Just in case you weren’t sure whether the Boston Celtics were in full-on rebuilding mode, now this. The organization is reportedly looking to leave forward Kris Humphries on the roster until season’s end, allowing his $12 million salary to come off the books and positioning Danny Ainge to have greater cap flexibility going forward (via Sports Illustrated‘s Chris Mannix):

Several rival executives say Boston is overvaluing Bass and Green, insisting on a first-round pick in any deal. Humphries‘ expiring $12 million contract is appealing, but Celtics coaches have been happy with Humphries — a good soldier despite limited playing time early in the season — and prefer to let the contract come off the books at the end of the season.

Holding on to the rugged rebounder certainly doesn’t mean the Celtics will abstain from the trade market entirely. Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher reports that Ainge is busy investigating available deals, potentially for Rajon Rondo and/or Jeff Green.

But don’t expect Humphries to be included in any of those deals.

You could be excused for expecting otherwise. The 29-year-old is playing just over 19 minutes per contest, a steep decline from the 34.9 he averaged with the Nets in 2011-12. Given Boston’s relatively thin front line, those numbers aren’t indicative of a perfect fit.

Moreover, Humphries remains a relatively valuable trade chip, especially in the eyes of contenders looking to improve their depth in the paint. Despite his limited action, the big man is averaging 7.6 points and 5.7 rebounds per game—good enough for a respectable 17.93 PER.

Best known for his short-lived marriage to TV star Kim Kardashian, Humphries was once ranked the NBA’s most disliked player, according to a Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research survey. 

The Celtics apparently like him enough to keep him for the rest of the season.

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Rumor: Are the Heat interested in trading for Kris Humphries?

There have been many rumors that have been stating that the Miami Heat are still actively searching to make another move before the trade deadline comes around. One player that has been mentioned in recent trade rumors around the league is Boston Celtics power forward Kris Humphries. The Heat are looking to acquire more rebounding and more front-court depth, and that is exactly what Humphries would be able to bring to Miami. Humphries has played in 42 games this season with the Celtics, starting 10 of those appearances. He has averaged 7.7 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 1.0 blocks per game, and would be a very nice addition to the Miami Heat bench. There’s no question that he would be able to bring great rebounding energy and the ability to score the basketball at a decent level as well. So far, there haven’t been any reports on what the Heat would have to give up to get Humphries from the Celtics. One report did mention that Udonis Haslem could be the piece that is sent back in return, but that has not been c

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Watch Stephen Curry’s miracle game-winner over Kris Humphries

Curry gives the Warriors a last-second win over Boston.

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Vulgar display of power: Blake Griffin dunks all over Kris Humphries (videos)

During the third quarter of Wednesday night’s Los Angeles Clippers-Boston Celtics at Staples Center, Blake Griffin unleashed an absolutely nasty slam dunk, right in the poor face of Kris Humphries. Griffin received the ball off the bounce, took one step and rose … and kept rising and rising, until he was towering over Humphries before […]The post Vulgar display of power: Blake Griffin dunks all over Kris Humphries (videos) appeared first on Sportress of Blogitude.

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WATCH: Blake Griffin destroys Kris Humphries with dunk

Watch Blake Griffin destroy Celtics’ Kris Humprhies with this nasty throwdown during the third quarter of Wednesday’s game at Staples Center. The post Blake Griffin Destroys Kris Humphries (Video) appeared first on Beyond The Buzzer.

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