How Dwight Howard Has Decreased His Trade Value with Ongoing Dwightmare

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Dwight Howard has had a rocky past few months, and he only has himself to blame for it.

Let’s just take a minute and explore the enigma known as Dwight Howard and the saga that he’s been putting on for the past few months.

The D12 saga began back in December 2011 when Howard first declared his desire to be traded from the Orlando Magic. Just asking for a trade isn’t what hurt Howard’s image. A lot of players, at some point in their professional sports careers, request trades for one reason or another.

The problem began when Howard started to list his reasoning for requesting a trade as issues with former Magic GM Otis Smith, former head coach Stan Van Gundy and even his teammates.

It’s understandable if you want out of a trying situation, but to turn the blame toward the NBA franchise that made your dream of being an NBA superstar come true and the teammates you’ve played with for the past few years shows the immaturity that exists in Howard.

After Howard called out everyone in the Magic franchise, he went on to become the most indecisive man in the world, and in doing so, he slowly began to tear apart the entire Magic franchise.

After wanting to be traded, then wanting to stay with the Magic, then wanting his head coach to be fired, then wanting to be traded, Howard ultimately decided to opt in for the final year of his contract with the Orlando Magic.

All of that seems to just have been a smoke screen, because he wants to be traded yet again.

Howard’s indecisiveness and inability to take ownership for his mistakes have finally transitioned from being something that has only hurt his image to now being something that is hurting his value on the trade block.

At the forefront of Howard’s decreased trade value is the thought that this could all happen again if Howard is traded to another team.

Before Howard’s indecisiveness and selfishness, it looked like D12 was just in a situation that didn’t work for him, and that wasn’t an issue. But it’s evident now that Howard is an immature and selfish player who is fixated only on his desires and not the overall success of his team.

When things are going well for D12, he’s a solid player and capable of doing great things.

When things aren’t going so well though, Howard becomes an absolute cancer in the locker room, and the division that he creates in the locker room and with the front office translates into unmotivated play out on the court.

The main issue with Howard isn’t that he wants traded, or even that he’s had some issues with the Magic front office.

The heart of the problem with Howard is that he’s proven, through his recent situation, that he’s not mature enough to carry a franchise. He’s not disciplined enough on a personal level to deal with disappointments and conflict in a professional way, and because of that, he’s not prepared to lead a team to the next level.

While NBA GMs might not come out and say it, the way that Howard has handled himself throughout the past few months has certainly impacted the way that he is viewed throughout the NBA, and it subsequently has hurt his value on the trade block.

Even the most productive and successful players in the NBA can have their careers held back by the way they handle themselves in difficult situations, and Howard’s career seems to be going down that path.  

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