NBA’s Hornets unveil 3 primary new uniforms (Yahoo Sports)

The Charlotte Hornets revealed what they will look like on the floor next season – at least from a fashion perspective. The Hornets unveiled their three new primary uniforms on Thursday featuring white, purple and teal colors. The uniforms bear a strong likeness in color scheme to the old Hornets regime but have been slightly modernized. Pete Guelli, the Hornets’ chief marketing officer, said the process was about building a brand identity for the organization.

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Charlotte Hornets reveal new uniforms

The Buzz is back in Charlotte. The Charlotte Hornets, formerly Bobcats, formerly Hornets, have revealed their new uniforms for the 2014-15 season and beyond, and they’re definitely different than the old Hornets uniforms. Introducing the brand new Charlotte #HornetsUnis! — Charlotte Hornets (@hornets) June 19, 2014 Players from the Hornets breakdown their new jersey style […]

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Charlotte Hornets unveil new uniforms

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled the uniforms to be worn by the team in its return to NBA action for the 2014-15 season. The white home and purple road uniforms are joined by a teal alternate uniform that can be worn in either location. “It was important for us that our new uniforms reflect the heritage and history of the original Hornets both visually and philosophically, while also having aspects of the evolution to a new brand,” said Hornets Sports & Entertainment President & COO Fred Whitfield. “We wanted a look that was sharp and precise, echoing the attributes of our team. We are elated to unveil our new look to our fans and hope they are as excited by the uniforms as we are.”   The post New Orleans Hornets unveil new uniforms appeared first on Sports Glory.

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Charlotte Hornets Unveil New Modern Uniforms for 2014-15 Season

The Charlotte Hornets are back, but they will have a slightly different look this time around.

Since the New Orleans franchise decided to switch its nickname to the “Pelicans,” the return of the Hornets name to Charlotte has been highly anticipated. The name made its official return to the NBA at the 2014 NBA draft lottery in May.

Back in December, Charlotte unveiled a couple of edgy logos. The logos confirmed that the teal and purple, along with Hugo T. Hornet, would return. 

The organization has now unveiled what the team’s uniforms will look like. The pinstripes are gone, and the team has gone with a more modern look.’s Darren Rovell tweeted out a more detailed look at Charlotte’s three new uniforms:

Here’s a look back at the old Charlotte Hornets gear: 

How do the new uniforms grade out?


[Charlotte Hornets, Darren Rovell]

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Baylor’s NCAA tournament uniforms say ‘Sic ‘Em’

Baylor’s NCAA tournament uniforms say ‘Sic ‘Em’

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Nebraska Basketball Team to Wear Throwback Uniforms to Celebrate 1911-12 Team

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have decided to break out throwback uniforms for Saturday’s Legends Weekend game against the Northwestern Wildcats.

Adidas has come up with a uniform to pay tribute to the 1911-12 Cornhusker team that won the school’s first conference title, back when Nebraska was part of the Missouri Valley Conference. The 1911-12 team went 14-1 overall and 8-0 in the conference under the coaching of E.O. “Jumbo” Stiehm. shared the details of the uniform:

The jerseys, specially created by adidas for Saturday’s game, are inspired by the 1911-12 team and feature cream colored tops and bottoms with a White accent stripe with an N logo across the middle of the jersey tops. One major difference in the jerseys is that the 1911-12 Husker jerseys did not have jersey numbers, so the number on Saturday’s throwbacks are below the stripe as well as on the back of the jersey.

Here’s a look at Nebraska’s throwback uniforms:

The stripe across the jersey is easier to see in a closer look:

For those who love the modern uniform designs, these won’t do much for you. 

[Nebraska Basketball, h/t]

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Nike Unveils ‘HyperElite’ Uniforms for 7 College Basketball Teams

Nike’s newest “HyperElite” jerseys look to honor both past traditions and future state-of-the-art technology.

According to Nike, Inc., the “seven uniforms honor each school’s winning tradition with special logos, scripts and colors mined from each program’s past.” Nike also used “performance innovation” to create a comfortable feel for the athletes.

The shorts that don’t match the jerseys are a bold choice, but overall, these could look pretty good on the court. 

Below are Nike’s February release dates for jerseys for Michigan State, Kentucky, Ohio State, Duke, Oregon, Syracuse and North Carolina. 

Michigan State vs. Georgetown (2/1), Ohio State vs. Michigan (2/11), Duke vs. Maryland (2/15), Kentucky vs. Florida (2/15), Syracuse vs. Boston College (2/19), UNC vs. Wake Forest (2/22) and Oregon vs. Washington State (2/23).

What do you think of these?

(Nike, Inc., h/t Lost Lettermen)

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Nets to sport throwback Brooklyn Dodgers-themed uniforms

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell the Brooklyn Nets will pay homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers by rocking some throwback uniforms (with sleeves) for five games this year. The first night will be on March 21st when the Nets take on the Celtics, and the other four games are still to be announced. The throwback nights will be aptly titled “Brooklyn Blue Nights.” [Darren Rovell] Article found on: Next Impulse Sports

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Twitter Reaction to Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets’ Nickname Uniforms

The Miami Heat are facing the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night at the Barclays Center. For Brooklyn, it is a chance to back up their Nov. 1 victory over Miami, extend their four-game winning streak and tie Charlotte for the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference. If they lose, they will fall back into a tie with the hated Knicks.

For Miami…well, they can get some pretty good pizza.

But nevermind all that, because nickname uniforms are here! Both Brooklyn and Miami are sporting uniforms with the traditional surname replaced with a catchy nickname.

The rosters, if you please.

For Miami:

Ray Allen: “J. Shuttlesworth
Chris Andersen: “Birdman”
Joel Anthony: “Doc”
Shane Battier: “Battle”
Michael Beasley: “B Easy”
Chris Bosh: “CB”
Mario Chalmers: “Rio”
Norris Cole: “Cole Train”
Udonis Haslem: “UD”
LeBron James: “King James”
James Jones: “JJ”
Rashard Lewis: “Sweet Lew”
Roger Mason Jr.: “MoneyMase”
Greg Oden: “G.O.”
Dwyane Wade: “D.Wade”

For Brooklyn:

Alan Anderson: “Double”
Andray Blatche: “Dray Live”
Reggie Evans: “Joker”
Kevin Garnett: “The Big Ticket”
Joe Johnson: “JJ”
Andrei Kirilenko: “Кириленко”
Shaun Livingston: “S Dot”
Brook Lopez: “Brooklyn”
Paul Pierce: “Truth”
Mason Plumlee: “Plums”
Tornike Shengelia: “Tokomotiv”
Tyshawn Taylor: “Tee_Y”
Mirza Teletovic: “MT3″
Jason Terry: “Jet”
Deron Williams: “D-Will”

D-Will? D.Wade? JJ? The other JJ? Some of these nicknames are pretty weak, and Twitter has taken notice.

Many fans and writers were looking for better nicknames.

The biggest news is the return of film star Jesus Shuttlesworth, whose spirit will once again inhabit the body of Miami’s Ray Allen. Shuttleworth’s director in the 1998 film “He Got Game,” Spike Lee, has reportedly been in talks with Allen to make a sequel. Whatever the case, Lee certainly looks excited to see his old pal take the court again.

Per ESPN and Sports Illustrated‘s Brian Mahoney:

Does Spike Lee understand that Jesus Shuttlesworth isn’t a real person?

Per Mahoney, Allen was more interested using Shuttlesworth‘s first name on his jersey, but the NBA intervened:

If “Jesus” nicknames aren’t allowed, does that mean former Spurs big Fabricio Raul Jesus Oberto could use his middle name on his jersey?

Nickname Night doesn’t only involve movies. Not one, but two members of the Heat lost their battle to wear superhero nicknames. According to Deadspin, Shane Battier wanted to wear a “Batman” jersey, but that would have been a trademark violation. Battier’s teammate, Dwyane Wade, also ran into some trouble with the DC Comics people.

Per Turner Sports’ Ethan J. Skolnick:

Neither Wade nor Battier are playing tonight, but at least Battier is trying to have a little bit of fun on this rare occasion.

Brooklyn big Mason Plumlee also ran into trademark trouble—this time, courtesy of a rapper.

Per Andrew Keh of The New York Times:

And so a nation of disappointed basketball fans lament the fact that they missed their chance to see an NBA player with a dollar sign on his jersey. “Plums” is still a pretty cool nickname; perhaps Plumlee should start using it more often.

And then there are the nickname problems that have are completely inexplicable. Joe Johnson has no idea why his nickname was turned down in favor of the bland, generic “JJ.”

There are two JJ’s facing off tonight, with Brooklyn’s Joe John facing Miami’s James Jones. Perhaps it should be “Tippy Toe Joe” vs. “Tippy Toe James” instead.

Heat forward Michael Beasley went with “B Easy,” much to the chagrin of fans who wanted him to use his Internet nickname.

Of all these players, perhaps none have a stronger association with his own nickname that Chris “Birdman” Anderson. He might be the one player in the NBA whose nickname is more well-known than his actual name.

Even ESPN announcers Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy got into the act, holding up their own personalized nickname jerseys.

Per SB Nation:

Jeff Van Gundy in a Heat jersey? Millions of Knicks fans just threw up in their mouths.

Other NBA teams, not content to cede the spotlight, are also trying to get into the act. Here is the Portland Trail Blazers’ best attempt.

At halftime, the Nets’ nicknames hold a 53-45 advantage over the Heat’s nicknames.



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Under Armour Lets Northwestern Basketball Players Design Their Uniforms

Darren Rovell shared photos of Under Armour’s design for Northwestern’s basketball uniforms, which their players reportedly designed to include whatever they wanted. 

The uniforms feature lots of writing, including words and phrases such as “Pound the Rock,” “Expect to Win” and “Family.” There are also pictures of a barbecue, headphones, a hashtag and a casino chip. 

While the shorts in particular are very busy, this might be very distracting for opponents, which is a plus for the Wildcats.

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