Lakers guard throws shoe at Andre Iguodala

Ronnie Price is a legend.



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Lakers Ronnie Price Throws Shoe At Andre Iguodala (Video)

The Lakers have a lot of questions heading into the 2014-2015 season, among the plethora is the one of defense. But no worries, Ronnie Price has a genius approach–shoe chucking.
This was the scene that played out in the Lakers v Warriors preseason game. Watch Price stop Andre Iguodala in his tracks.
He the real MVP

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WATCH: Lakers’ Price throws shoe at Andre Iguodala

Ronnie Price loses the basketball. Andre Iguodala gets the ball and starts moving up the… Article found on: Next Impulse Sports

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Lakers’ Ronnie Price Loses Shoe, Throws It at Andre Iguodala

It’s only the preseason, but some players are pulling out all the stops on defense. 

After losing his shoe in a game vs. the Golden State Warriors, the Los Angeles Lakers’ Ronnie Price threw his shoe at Andre Iguodala.

[CJ Zero]

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Jazz’s Gordon Hayward Throws Down Huge Dunk in Preseason Game vs. Trail Blazers

There are a handful of NBA players you expect to throw down huge slam dunks during a game.

Utah Jazz wing Gordon Hayward is not one of them.

During Thursday night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, Hayward threw down this exciting dunk after driving to the rim, finishing with authority.


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The NBA has discussed eliminating free throws

Nobody watches basketball for the free throws. Tedious, tiring and largely unathletic acts, they slow down every NBA game. This is an observation…

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Andrew Wiggins throws down alley oop from Ricky Rubio (Video/GIF)

On Monday night, the Minnesota Timberwolves gave their fans a glimpse of what to expect for the upcoming season when Ricky Rubio threw the alley oop to Andrew Wiggins, who finished with a slam dunk.The Timberwolves opened their training camp with a “Dunks After Dark” event at Minnesota State University, which featured three 12-minute scrimmages followed by a 10 minutes of freestyle dunks. Similar to Midnight Madness, only on an NBA level. A fun way to start the 2014-15 season.Video via NBA. This post appeared first on Holdout Sports. Check us out on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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Nike throws Durant a Redskins-themed birthday party

On Monday, Kevin Durant will be turning 26, but Nike decided to throw him an early birthday party. Earlier this month, Durant signed a new contract with Nike that is worth about 300 million dollars. At the party, Durant had a cake with the Oklahoma City Thunder’s basketball court, one of his signature shoes, and a Redskins jersey with his name and number on it. Kevin Durant was also given a pair of Nike shoes in Redskins colors, so don’t be surprised if he shows up to a Skins game sporting his new shoes or if some of the Redskins players show up to the locker room with a pair. Durant even had his own personalized pinata, which every little kid dreams of for their birthday party. Lets just say that it looks like Kevin Durant had an awesome birthday party!   Follow us on Twitter: @DCSportsKings Follow us on Pinterest: DCSportsKings

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Joakim Noah Bounces 1st Pitch at White Sox Game, Throws Strike on 2nd Chance

Most people don’t get two shots at the “first” pitch, so it pays off to be a professional athlete.

Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah received the honor of throwing out the first pitch before the Oakland A’s-Chicago White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field on Thursday.

The 6’11″ center warmed up before the game.

However, when he took the mound, he needed more than one shot to get the ball over the plate.

Somewhere out there, 50 Cent is probably wishing he got a second chance earlier this year.

[Chicago White Sox]

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James Harden Throws a No-Look Alley-Oop to Kenneth Faried vs. Slovenia

Team USA had its way with Slovenia in the third quarter of its 2014 FIBA World Cup quarterfinals game and was even able to show off just how much athleticism is on the team during a fast break.

In the third quarter, James Harden led a fast break and finished the play by feeding Kenneth Faried with a no-look lob that turned into two easy points. 

It was a close game at the half, but the United States pulled away in the third quarter thanks to plays like this.


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