Paul George blasts media over Kobe Bryant report

Paul George put the media on blast over a report saying he’s one of many free agents who was deterred by the Lakers because of Kobe Bryant. In a story for ESPN the Magazine published Monday, Henry Abbott explored the topic of how many key free agents were disinterested in the Lakers because of Kobe….Read More

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Report: Kobe has prevented Lakers from signing top talent

For the second consecutive season, the Los Angeles Lakers aren’t expected to do much this year as they find themselves in a rebuilding phase. ESPN The Magazine’s Henry Abbott put the blame for the Lakers’ recent misfortunes on the star largely responsible for their success in the 2000s — Kobe Bryant. Abbott says the Lakers’ lack of big name free agent acquisitions and Dwight Howard’s departure last summer is a result of how difficult it is to play and deal with Kobe and Abbot has plenty of sources to back it up, from agents to former teammates. One particular highlight was when in the 2012-13 season, Howard asked his Lakers teammates why they let all the blame for the season’s woes be placed on him. Kobe responded by giving a lecture about developing thick skin and learning how to win, which according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, was “a complete turnoff” for the big man. Abbott also talks about one agent with NBA clients who says, “I’ve had a lot of clients in the last five years, good p

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Report: NBA owners could split $1.1B if Bucks move to Seattle

The Milwaukee Bucks are under new ownership after Herb Kohl sold the team. The new owners Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry bought the team for $550 million, but there were guidelines that came with the purchase. One of the guidelines is that NBA could buy the team back from Edens and Lasry if construction of a new arena was not ready by 2017. After the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers, the NBA knows that the Bucks are worth far more than what the new owners paid for. Months have passed and the Bucks still don’t have a site for the new arena. Well according to Bill Simmons via Business Insider, NBA owners could split $1 billion if the Milwaukee Bucks move to Seattle.
If the Bucks can’t get a new stadium built before the deadline, the NBA could buy the team for $575 million and then turn around and sell the team to a group in Seattle for an estimated $1.6 billion. That would be a cool $1.025 billion profit for the league or about $35.3 million for each of the other 29 owners.
Simmons, fr…

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Report: Celtics asking price for Rondo is ‘sky high’

Teams looking to acquire the services of Rajon Rondo will have to be willing to pony up one heck of a trade package. That’s according to Grantland’s Zach Lowe, who wrote Tuesday that the Boston Celtics aren’t looking to deal their star point guard for anything short of top dollar. “Boston has gauged the market for both over the last year or so, and its expected price for Rondo has been sky-high, per several league sources,” Lowe writes. “That price will drop as Rondo’s deal ticks toward expiration, but the market for him is thin.” Lowe names the Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings as two teams who could make a play for Rondo if they stumble out of the gates, but he speculates the Celtics might just hang onto the four-time All-Star and attempt to re-sign him after the season “if a frothy market doesn’t materialize.” In fact, Lowe predicts that if any Celtics star is traded this season, it’ll be Jeff Green. “Green has a player option for 2015-16, meaning he may be working on a d

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Report: Kevin Durant Breaks Foot, Will Miss 6-8 Weeks of NBA Action

Reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant will be out indefinitely after suffering a broken right foot. According to a report by the Associated Press, the injury was caught after Durant told Oklahoma City Thunder officials he felt discomfort in the foot. Surgery will be required to fix the injury, which will keep Durant sidelined for at least six to eight weeks. Russell Westbrook will be tasked with keeping the Thunder afloat until running mate Kevin Durant returns, in a tight Western Conference where every game will be crucial to playoff positioning.   The post Report: Kevin Durant Breaks Foot, Will Miss 6-8 Weeks of NBA Action appeared first on Basketball Bicker.

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Report: Boris Diaw’s Contract Contains Monetary Incentives for Staying in Shape

Boris Diaw is a magician, among other things.

He bends time and space with his passes, plays solid defense on the likes of LeBron James and has generally looked fleeter of foot since joining the San Antonio Spurs in 2012. 

Diaw’s resurgent play isn’t a mistake. It’s a product of work and weight loss, the latter of which appears to be founded on certain financial inducements.

ESPN’s Amin Elhassan (h/t CBS Sports’ James Herbert) reports that the Spurs power forward’s contract includes $500,000 in potential, annual bonuses should he meet certain weight goals. 

The magic number is 254 pounds, with three weigh-ins throughout the calendar year.

The deal is structured thus: If Diaw weighs less than or equal to 254 pounds on October 25, he makes $150,000. If he still weighs less than or equal to 254 pounds by the Tuesday after the NBA All-Star Game, he makes another $150,000. Lastly, if Diaw weighs in at 254 or less on April 1, he rakes in $200,000—because they really need him lean for the postseason.

Diaw signed a contract extension with the Spurs in July. According to the San Antonio Express-News’ Jeff McDonald, Diaw’s weight-meeting bonuses existed prior to the extension and were fulfilled. 

As for this year’s bonuses, Diaw appears to be on his way to cashing those checks. Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich jokingly called the Frenchman out on his weight during a media presser in September.

Diaw responded with a spectacular picture captioned, “No worries pop only one glass of wine and daily workouts!”

That’s how you keep it off, guys: a glass of red wine and a raised eyebrow.

If only we could all have contractual obligations to stay in shape, we’d all be beautiful and rich. Or the same and poor. Either way, we’d appreciate the opportunity.


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Report: Thompson, Warriors far apart in contract talks

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, who is fresh off an offseason that saw him win a gold medal for the United States in the World Cup and find himself in multiple trade rumors involving Kevin Love, is reportedly far apart in negotiation extensions with his current team. According to CSN Bay Area, there is about $2-$3 million annual difference between what Thompson wants and what the Warriors are currently offering.
As of Thursday morning, the sides remain $2-3 million a year apart, according to NBA sources. The dithering seems pointless when all parties consistently state their desire for a deal. The Warriors want it. Thompson wants it. His teammates want it. And there is no indication Klay’s agent, Bill Duffy, has lost the optimism he expressed last month. Thompson is seeking a max deal, or something close – at least $15 million per year – while the Warriors, according to sources, hover around $13 million per.
The shooting guard is set to become a restricted free agent following this season.

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Report: LeBron uncomfortable at Dwyane Wade’s wedding

An ongoing story for the upcoming NBA season will be how LeBron James deals with his former teammates in Miami. We’ve already heard from Chris Bosh that the two haven’t spoken since James left for Cleveland. And that’s not even mentioning that Bosh also found it pretty difficult to get in touch with James during the free agency frenzy. Now we have a report from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst detailing how uncomfortable James was while attending Dwyane Wade’s wedding. According to Windhorst, James found himself being a “wallflower” because it was uncomfortable to be in the same room with the very people he disappointed a few months earlier.
James flew in to be there for his friend Wade, but apparently had to play a bit of a wallflower role. He never made his way over to Chris Bosh’s table because Bosh said James hasn’t spoken to him since he decided to sign with the Cavs in July. Though maybe it should’ve been Bosh who came up to speak with James; his decision to sign in Cleveland immediat…

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The Scouting Report That Will Expose Every Top 2014-15 NBA Rookie

Although the 2014-15 NBA rookie class is blessed with some exciting players and impressive talents, they are far from indestructible.

As these elite prospects take on the league, there are concrete ways to expose their weaknesses. In some cases, the youngsters are still in the early stages of developing key skill areas.

It’s not always going to be a cinch. It will take concentrated effort and top-tier skill to thwart these gifted competitors on both ends of the floor.

What is the formula for stymieing Jabari Parker’s scoring prowess? How can teams effectively attack defensive star Nerlens Noel? What’s the best way to dismantle No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins?

We’re handing out the keys to foiling the cream of the 2014-15 crop.

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Report: Bill Simmons wants out at ESPN

Has Bill Simmons really outgrown his relationship with ESPN, and is the Sports Guy ready to make a major move? According to a Yahoo Sports report, Simmons isn’t happy with the World Wide Leader.  Nicholas Carlson spoke with a few industry execs to gauge their opinions on the matter.  Several different circumstances could come into play on the matter.
 Simmons’ contract is up next year. He’s not cheap. ESPN is currently paying something like $3 million per year. In response to a story that said Simmons and ESPN both wanted to renew, Simmons’ best friend tweeted: “I’ve known Bill since we were 18 years old. That is the funniest thing anyone has ever written about him.” A CEO at a digital media company with lots of sites catered toward men says that when news broke of Simmons’ suspension, people from CBS and FOX called him to ask if he would be competing with their bids for him. In some quarters, there’s skepticism that Simmons is worth so much money. ESPN executives apparently gripe …

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