WATCH: Rondo elbows Stephenson in throat

Charlotte Hornets guard Lance Stephenson has already accomplished many interesting feats during the course of his four-year career in the league. He blew in LeBron James’ ear, snuck into an opposing team’s huddle and slapped himself in the face in an attempt to draw a foul.
The Hornets recently hosted the Celtics at Time Warner Cable Arena on Wednesday night, and he now has another accomplishment to add to that list: Getting elbowed in the face by Rajon Rondo.
During the third quarter of the game, as the Hornets brought the ball up, Stephenson jogged up court. And just as he got inside the three-point arc, he was met by Rondo, who delivered an elbow right to his face…

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NCAA refs getting leeway in calling elbows to head (Yahoo! Sports)

It appears the penalty for accidentally elbowing an opponent above the shoulders in college basketball won’t be as costly next season.

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Tracy McGrady elbows opponent in China after being taunted (Video)

Former NBA player Tracy McGrady elbowed an opposing player in the chest during a recent game in the Chinese Basketball Association when the player taunted him by wagging a finger in his face after making a basket.

The elbow by McGrady knocked the opposing player to the ground, and McGrady was immediately called for a foul. However, the message was loud and clear: Don’t taunt McGrady.

Video via. H/T TNLP.

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VIDEO: Tracy McGrady is throwing elbows in China

Tracy McGrady’s Chinese basketball debut is off to a rocky start.

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Video: Tracy McGrady violently elbows Chinese player who taunted him

We all remember Tracy McGrady, right? The 33-year old forward previously spent 15 years playing in the NBA before deciding to take his talents overseas to China this year. McGrady is currently a member of the Qingdao Eagles.In a recent game, the former USA Today high school player of the year (1997) didn’t take too kindly of a taunting gesture an opposing player made after draining a 3-pointer in his face. The opponent proceeded to give the old finger wag to McGrady as the two jogged down the other end of the court. McGrady took offense and then started brainstorming his plan of attack. After a bit of a delay, McGrady sized up his defender and delivered a hard elbow stab in the chest. I believe the message was well received.Via Big Lead.

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Video: Elbows, low-blows and NBA cheap shots

There are few sports with the finesse of basketball. But that doesn’t mean contact doesn’t occur and collisions don’t happen.

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Video: Harden elbows World Peace in Game 2

James Harden and Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace continue to mix it up in their second-round series Wednesday night.

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Metta World Peace Talks James Harden and Elbows on Conan

Check it out. Metta World Peace has made use of his suspension-induced free time, going on Conan O’Brien’s show to talk about that very suspension.

Here are the assorted quotes, regarding what happened to James Harden‘s face via Ron-Ron’s elbow: 

  • “Right now they’re calling me animal.” 
  • “(Harden) runs into peoples’ elbows.”
  • “(Harden) puts his chin right there.” 
  • “I don’t really want to talk to (Harden), but I did make sure he’s okay.”
  • “The Hulk!”
  • “I really had no thoughts on the punishment.”
  • “On the court I’m very passionate, and I will do anything it takes to win. But don’t try to tarnish my image and everything I’ve tried, the mission that I’m on.”
  • “Don’t try to tarnish my image because of how I played.” 
  • “On the court, there’s no peace on the court.”
  • “I deserved the suspension.” 
  • “Maybe I could get the same amount of games (Kevin Love) got.” 

I wish I could summon up any outrage over this, but it’s impossible. Metta is a fun, ebullient interviewee, even when discussing awful things he should perhaps be more remorseful about. 

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Crazy Metta World Peace tweets about dates, elbows

Jason Whitney
I’m pretty sure Metta World Peace may have been drunk during his recent barrage of tweets that was sent out via twitter Saturday night, while he was at the Mikinus in Sacramento eating Sushi. Artest er Peace was freely mentioning his elbowing incident with James Harden frequently over twitter. In fact, it got to the [...]

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Bad Shaq Quote: “I’m a Connoisseur of Throwing Elbows”

This is a running feature where we keep track of Shaquille O’Neal‘s running mouth. When he gaffes on TNT’s studio show, may the petty, monotone recriminations seep through the faulty, once-conventional wisdom. 

When assessing Metta World Peace’s seven-game elbow suspension, Shaq harkened back to his playing days, flaunting his credentials as a “connoisseur of throwing elbows.” This is factually correct—O’Neal wagged his jagged edges into the throats and temples of many post players.

So why highlight this true quote then? 

Because, Shaq was using his dirty play as a perch from which to sanctimoniously ridicule Metta World Peace. O’Neal insisted that El Conocedor would never throw an elbow like the one Harden caught, amusing those who remembered the anger punch hurled at Brad Miller. 

If Shaq feels that MWP deserved a larger suspension, that is a wholly defensible opinion. What doesn’t make sense is to declare Peace’s intent to harm as different in kind from the Great Shaq’s antics.

O’Neal doesn’t even cop to having been wrong in the past, or having overreacted on the court. No, he was totally in control of his violence, and Metta wasn’t. Therefore, Ron should be punished to the max for not hurting others within the magic Shaq parameters. It’s self-serving, even for a guy who treats life as his personal morality buffet. 

Sadly, O’Neal’s mini rant distracted from an honorable bad-quote mention, uttered in assessment of the 2012 Phoenix Suns: 

“When you look up pride in the Webster’s dictionary, talks about self respect, and something to be proud of.” 

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