Boston Celtics: What Is The Core Of The Celtics?

Boston Celtics: What is the Core of the Celtics?
By Mike Elworth: Owner and Publisher/Hoopstuff…
The Celtics are the most asset rich team in the NBA. With a ridiculously young team of talented 1st round picks, their own draft picks, picks owed to them and 1 elite trade chip in Rajon Rondo it’s incredibly difficult to say which players are franchise cornerstones and which are just expendable assets. Well I am going to try and separate the 2, so bare with me, as this is basically me thinking aloud, but this is who I believe are the true core players of the Celtics and who are just assets.
The Core Players
Marcus Smart
– I believe that the Celtics will be trading Rajon Rondo by mid-season and that the 6th pick in the draft, Marcus Smart will become their best player, even as a rookie and will become their next franchise player. He is the key player for this franchise, is NBA ready and an elite 2 way prospect. He is a big and athletic point guard who is an excellent defender, scorer and…

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Ranking the Boston Celtics’ Most Tradeable Assets

The roster that the Boston Celtics have assembled thus far isn’t exactly enviable. There are some perks, but for the most part, a few trades must still be made in order to put together a real, competitive contender.

Right now, the Celtics have improved in some small areas and will likely reap the benefits of a healthy Rajon Rondo. Still, the team doesn’t appear destined for a playoff spot as currently constituted. However, there is plenty of time to make a move or two.

Danny Ainge has a franchise chock-full of tradeable assets that individually are valuable but together don’t make up a winning team.

He has young talent, established talent, first-round picks and expiring contracts. Whether he uses them now or allows things to roll over into next summer remains to be seen. However, should he choose to start wheeling and dealing in the offseason’s final months, it would be useful to know what he can get for each of these numerous assets.

Some could potentially bring back sizable and game-changing returns. Others would just be useful to get rid of. From top to bottom, Boston’s most useful trade piece is its assets’ versatility.

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Celtics’ Gerald Wallace Ranked Fourth-Most Overpaid Player In NBA

The following will not surprise Boston Celtics fans in the slightest:
Gerald Wallace, the 32-year-old veteran forward, was listed as the fourth-most overpaid player in the NBA in a ranking by the Sporting News. Wallace, came to Boston in the blockbuster deal that sent Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Brooklyn Nets, has two years left on the four-year, $40 million contract two years ago.
Last February, Wallace tore the meniscus in his left knee and was ruled out for the rest of the season. In his 58 games played before the injury, he posted averages of 5.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, 2.5 assists-per-game.
Of course, Wallace’s outsize contract did serve a purpose. If not for Wallace’s $10 million salary, the Celtics never would have been able to make the math work in the trade to reboot their rebuilding efforts — not to mention shed Garnett’s $12 million salary, ranked No. 9 on the same list by the Sporting News.
Also worth noting is the No. 1 guy on Sporting News’ list: fo…

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Antoine Walker Would Be a Good Fit Within the Boston Celtics Organization

A personal story: On March 2, 2002, my cousin and I attended a Boston Celtics charity event held at the club/billiard hall The Rack. Fans were able to hang out, play pool and get their photo taken with the players.

Being photographed with Eric Williams, Rodney Rogers and Walter McCarty was cool, but I wanted a picture with Antoine Walker. I had to have it.

And Walker didn’t disappoint. After hours of saying hello to every fan who wanted a piece of him, the Celtics co-captain enthusiastically greeted us and put on a great smile for both photos.

The Celtics could use Walker as a part of the organization.

On Wednesday, Walker was honored by The Sports Museum in a ceremony called “The Tradition.” Walker was honored along with three-time Super Bowl champion Tedy Bruschi, two-time World Series champion Tim Wakefield, Stanley Cup champion Patrice Bergeron, Olympic gold medalists Bode Miller and Kayla Harrison and longtime sports radio personality/pioneer Eddie Andelman.

Walker seems like a natural to represent the Celtics at public events. He’s a recognizable former player with a successful professional career that Boston could use to help keep the Celtics’ name in the community.

All Walker would have to do is show up at Celtics-sponsored events and interact with the fans: Say hello, shake hands, give high fives and pose for pictures. Sometimes he’ll read to kindergarten children. Elsewhere he’ll help build a playground. Next time out he’ll watch high school kids do school work at a newly donated computer lab.

Walker made similar appearances before as a player, so it would be nothing new to him. Based on what I’ve seen, Walker would be a great ambassador for the Celtics.

Walker had a fine career: an NCAA championship with the University of Kentucky, a three-time NBA All-star with the Celtics and a NBA championship with the Miami Heat.

But Walker’s embarrassing personal life gives the Celtics reason to think twice about whether they want Walker associated with the franchise. You heard the story: Walker made more than $110 million and ended up broke. He declared for bankruptcy in 2010.

Walker is getting his life in order. He’s now debt free, though he had to sell his 2006 championship ring in the process. And like former New England Patriot Tony Collins said in his book, Walker has turned his mess into a message.

Walker had his life turned into a documentary called, “Gone in an Instant.” It’s a cautionary story that details how Walker lost his wealth. Walker shared that same story when he spoke to incoming rookies during the NBA’s Rookie Transition Program. Walker is a living example to rookies to be careful now that many are instant millionaires.

Walker has expressed an interest in coaching, but that’s not going to happen with the Celtics right now (Boston doesn’t need someone telling Jared Sullinger to shoot more three-pointers). If Walker wants a job in the NBA, working for the Celtics’ community outreach might be the best way for him to get his foot in the door.

When he was a Celtic, Walker embraced being the captain. He was accommodating with the media, and I witnessed his gregariousness with fans back in 2002. During what likely will be another trying season for the team, Walker can be a public figure to keep the Celtics’ name on people’s mind.

JoJo White already fulfills this role for the Celtics as the director of special projects and community relations representative. He’s a legend in Celtics history. Walker would be a great complement because many of today’s fans watched Walker during his seven and a half seasons as a Celtic. Whether fans loved him or hated him, many fans know who Walker is, which can’t always be said about White.

Walker’s presence also could be a benefit to the players. There might not be a better person for young pros to talk to regarding trappings off the court. Walker can take his message straight to the Celtics’ young players.

The Celtics won’t retire Walker’s number. Boston won’t celebrate the 2001-2002 team that lost the Eastern Conference Championship to the New Jersey Nets with a reunion. Coaching will have to wait. But Boston could find a role for Walker. Employee No. 8 could use a job. Would the Celtics hire him?

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Video: Tyler Zeller talks playing center for the Celtics and working out with Rajon Rondo

Tyler Zeller has a strong shot of starting for the Celtics this season. There will be some strong competition for Zeller though as I’m sure Sully, Olynyk and Bass are all looking to start as well. And then of course there’s Vitor. Right now I’d say Zeller has the edge due to being a 7 footer, but we haven’t even started camp yet, so lots of things can change. Working out with Rajon Rondo this month definitely can’t hurt Zeller.Video courtesy of the Boston Celtics.Related: Wallpaper Wednesday: Tyler Zeller

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Boston Celtics: The center question

Just under a month away from the start of the preseason, the Boston Celtics are looking at a surplus of young talent at the center position. While Head Coach Brad Stevens still has time to make the call on who gets the first tip, the decision is not an easy one by any means. Here’s a look at all the options Stevens has and what they bring to the table:
Brandon Bass:
Though a forward by nature, Brandon Bass has spent quite a bit of time at center for the Celtics. After selling his home in Needham, MA last week, there are many questions circulating on whether or not Bass will be in green at the start of the 2014-2015 season. If he stays in Boston, Bass brings an offensive punch that many of the other options do not bring. Bass averaged 11.1 points per game last season and over 10 PPG in three of the last four seasons. Bass also brings hustle, something that doesn’t often show up on the stat sheet. For those who watch the local Boston broadcast on CSNNE, Bass has received quite a few Tommy Points (CSNNE Broa

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Predicting Boston Celtics’ Final 2014-15 Record

Whether the upcoming NBA season has Boston Celtics fans excited or dreadful, it is right around the corner.

The green team had a rough 2013-14 campaign, finishing 25-57 and a long-distance call from the playoffs. There have been slight improvements over the summer, at least from an excitement standpoint; however, even with a healthy Rajon Rondo, the prospects aren’t appealing.

Boston will suffer the growing pains of a young team both on the floor and on the sidelines. Youth like Kelly Olynyk, Jared Sullinger, Tyler Zeller and rookies Marcus Smart and James Young will struggle to gain their footing in the league while also working to improve individually, occasionally at the expense of the overall team.

Calling the shots, Brad Stevens is in just his second season as an NBA head coach. The proverbial honeymoon of his rookie year has ended, and people will be looking for improvements from him as well.

Boston is also a prime candidate to suffer from some midseason turnover in its personnel. The Celtics have some assets like Rondo, Jeff Green and Brandon Bass, who could be flipped. They also have a desire to continue their rebuild by possibly picking up more future draft picks or clearing some extraneous cap space.

The Celtics open their eight-game preseason slate on Oct. 6 with a contest against the Philadelphia 76ers at home. After that, it is straight into the 2014-15 season. Boston opens with a home game against the Brooklyn Nets on Oct. 29, which is slightly less interesting than it was last year.

Here’s a month-by-month look at where Boston will likely go from there.

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Boston Celtics: if Chauncey Billups had stayed

After 17 years in the league, Chauncey Billups is saying goodbye to the NBA. It’s been 17 years since the five-time All-Star was drafted 3rd overall by the Boston Celtics, and after all this time, we are left with the questions of what could have been.
When Billups was drafted back in 1997, Rick Pitino was at the helm of the Boston Green. It became clear in just 51 games that the Colorado native didn’t fit into Pitino’s system, and GM Jan Volk sent the young guard to Toronto for All-Star Kenny Anderson at the trade deadline. Billups does not think fondly of his short time in Boston, something he made clear years after he left.
“”That didn’t help,” said Billups. “That didn’t give me a chance to really slow down and listen to myself, listen to the game and what’s going on. I never really had that chance. It was a recipe for disaster there.”
Billups didn’t get along well with Pitino, and Celtics coaching staff never quite figured out if Billups was a point guard or shooting guard. Though

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Trading Marcus Thornton Just Got Somewhat Easier For Celtics

Trading Marcus Thornton, with his $8.6 million contract promised for the coming season, will not be easy for the Boston Celtics. But it got a little less difficult Wednesday.
Thornton is now eligible to be included in aggregated trades, with the arrival of the two-month anniversary of the Celtics officially acquiring him in a three-team trade. A player who was acquired using a trade exception, as Thornton was, cannot be included in a trade package with other players for two months after the initial trade becoming complete.
In Thornton’s case, the trade was official July 10, the first day the NBA’s annual moratorium period was lifted.
The Celtics still face obstacles in dealing the 27-year-old shooting guard, who averaged 9.8 points per game and shot 34.5 percent on 3-pointers last season with the Brooklyn Nets and Sacramento Kings. Still, it becomes a bit easier to convince potential trade partners to take on Thornton’s contract along with other pieces, as opposed to on its own.

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Watchability: Rebuilding Celtics’ Rondo quandary

To trade or not to trade? Rajon Rondo’s looming free agency is the key for the Celtics.



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