Former NBA player Marvin Barnes dies at 62

Barnes led Providence College to Final Four in 1973



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Former NBA player Marvin Barnes dies at 62 (Yahoo Sports)

Marvin Barnes, who led Providence College to the Final Four in 1973 and starred in the old American Basketball Association, has died, a newspaper reported Monday. Kevin Stacom, a college teammate and one of Barnes’ closest friends, told the Providence Journal on Monday ( ) that Barnes died at a home in Providence. ”Marvin will always be remembered as one of the greatest Friars of all-time,” Providence College Athletic Director Bob Driscoll said in a statement released by the school. As a senior, Barnes averaged 22 points and 18.7 rebounds and was the second overall pick of the 1974 NBA draft, behind only UCLA’s Bill Walton.

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Matt Barnes, DeAndre Jordan wear great costumes to party

Jim Racalto Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan held a costume party for Labor Day weekend, where he and teammate Matt Barnes did not disappoint in their attire. Jordan went as Jimi Hendrix and pulled it off flawlessly, while Barnes decided to go as Prince and basically looked just like him. Barnes posted a photo on Instagram […] Sports-Kings – The Kings of Sports Lists – Sports bloggers that cover the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, fantasy sports, college sports and much more. From funny videos to pictures we have it all

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Matt Barnes and DeAndre Jordan Go All-out for Costume Party

Matt Barnes and DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers decided to go all-out for a costume party with these terrific outfits.

Jordan decided to go as Jimi Hendrix and pulls it off with the terrific Afro. Barnes went as Prince and posted the following picture on the way to Jordan’s party while enjoying some Fireball: ”Don’t judge me….. Headed to @deandrejordan6 costume party!! Ya boys going as Prince!! #LaborDayTurnUp #EndOfTheSummer.” 


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Denver Nuggets: Trading For Harrison Barnes

Denver Nuggets: Trading For Harrison Barnes
By Mike Elworth: Owner and Publisher/Hoopstuff…
Nuggets Get: Harrison Barnes and Marresse Speights
Warriors Get: Timofey Mozgov and Randy Foye
The Denver Nuggets have some excellent talent. They have a franchise player in point guard Ty Lawson who is one of the best players at his position and elite on offense. They have a premier perimeter duo with Arron Afflalo who is one of the best 2 way players in the NBA and Danilo Gallinari who is an 16 point per game scorer and an excellent shooter. They have 2 very talented young big men in Kenneth Faried who is one of the best energy players and rebounders in the NBA and is playing for Team USA and JaVale McGee, who is one of the biggest and longest players in the NBA and a very strong rebounder and shot blocker (although his intelligence on the court is a problem). They also have a very solid group of role players with Wilson Chandler, J.J. Hickson, Timofey Mozgov, Randy Foye, Darrell Arthur and…

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Blueprint for Harrison Barnes to Get Career Back on Track Next Season

Harrison Barnes needs to find the blueprint to revive his young and promising career after spending much of last season at the lost and found.

Barnes was expected to take the next step after an impressive playoff run in his first NBA season. He transformed from an average starter during the regular season of his rookie campaign to a game-changer in the 2013 playoffs, partly as a result of the opportunity given him by David Lee’s injury in the first round of the postseason.

He posted a career playoff high of 26 points in a critical Game 4 overtime home victory against the San Antonio Spurs. In 12 postseason games in 2013, Barnes averaged 16.1 points and 6.4 rebounds.

As expectations started rising through the roof, Barnes was relegated to the sixth-man spot when the Dubs snagged free-agent wing Andre Iguodala.

As a result, the North Carolina product drastically underperformed this season. In 2013-14 season, Barnes averaged 9.5 points, 4.0 rebounds and 1.5 assists. He averaged almost three additional minutes more than he did in his rookie season, when he put up 9.2 points, 4.1 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game.

Barnes obviously has a few areas that he needs to improve to get his career back on track.


Barnes’ shooting was one of his biggest hindrances this season, since his percentages dropped across the board. His field-goal percentage dove from 43.9 to 39.9 percent. His three-point percentage went from 35.9 to 34.7 percent, and his free-throw shooting fell from 75.8 to 71.8 percent.

He needs to work hard this summer by shooting the ball hundreds of times per day. He must find the spots on the floor and the go-to shots that work for him.

Yes, part of the decline was caused by being teamed with a bench that was unable to score consistently, and Barnes would occasionally force shots to compensate. The bench averaged only 28 points per game and posted a 41.0 percent shooting clip.

Confidence is the key to shooting, and Barnes needs to completely forget about last season. He still has a high upside, but it’s critical that early next season he focuses on taking (and making) high-percentage shots.

He also needs to work on his shots from behind the arc. His ability to hit the clutch three, like his teammate Draymond Green has demonstrated, will help space the floor and create driving lanes resulting in higher percentage shots closer to the hoop.

The bottom line is practice makes perfect, and Barnes needs to make shooting a high priority this offseason.


Barnes has already pointed out that he needs work on his handle this summer. 

With head coach Steve Kerr’s potential new offense so focused on ball movement and spacing, Barnes is going to need to improve on those vital skills, as noted by the San Jose Mercury News’ Diamond Leung.

Barnes will be tasked with being able to dribble in short spurts to facilitate a pass, drive to the hoop or create space for a transitioning teammate. By improving his ball-handling skills, Barnes can steer away from predictable moves that experienced and skilled defenders can sniff out.

He will also need to mix in some athletic moves, so that he doesn’t look like a robot.

Barnes’ needs to have the same mindset while handling the ball that he does going to the rack for the dunk. He looks fearless in those occasions. By looking for contact, Barnes should be able to approach doubling the paltry 2.3 free-throw attempts per game he averaged last year. He just needs to practice those free throws.

With a capable handle, Barnes can take the next step forward.

Learning How to Create

Barnes earned the “Black Falcon” nickname during a trip around the ESPN studios his senior year in high school. He cemented that nickname with his high-flying, rim-rocking jams in his first season. 

In his second season, Barnes still put up some highlight-reel moves but they were few and far between—at least when compared to the previous year.

Barnes is still going through the growing pains that often characterize the early stages of an NBA player’s career. But with the new offense, Barnes should have a lot more room to demonstrate his raw athleticism and skill level.

By improving in both of the aforementioned two areas, shooting and dribbling, Barnes should be able to put it all together on the offensive end. But, he needs to get more physical, so he can take the dribble and use his athletic frame to finish more convincingly around the basket.

Establishing consistency will be key to Barnes’ development on offense. He disappears too often and let’s his other teammates take over the game. Rather, Barnes needs to be a steady hand and be ready for a Stephen Curry pass or an Andrew Bogut kick-out. When he receives the ball, he must be assertive and drive into the lane and either finish or find another Warrior who has an open look.

Whether he is creating opportunities for himself or teammates, he needs to be productive every possession.


Bottom Line 

Barnes needs to take ownership of his future and the struggles that he had last season. He can’t dwell on the negatives but instead needs to turn those experiences into building blocks.

He has the word attached to him that no player entering his third season likes to hear: “potential.” Translated, it means Barnes hasn’t quite lived up to expectations based on his statistics and style of play. 

Coach Kerr’s offense is expected open a lot more opportunities for Barnes, but he has to take advantage of those chances. He needs to be a lot more aggressive on the court and not always allow the game to come to him.

He will have to learn how to succeed in coming off the bench or in whatever situation he is inserted. Being adaptable will show his teammates that he is fully invested in taking the next step in his maturation as a player.

Averages of 12.5 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.8 assists would be a strong improvement next season, but he also has to show that he can consistently make the four other players on the court better when he plays.  An offense that relies on more options than just the “Splash Brothers” (Curry and Klay Thompson) is a lot more effective.








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Warriors’ Harrison Barnes Signs Carts Full of Fan Mail

Earlier this year, Harrison Barnes addressed his fans in a Facebook post saying he would sign autographs for free. 

The catch? You have to mail it to his P.O. box in Oakland and explain why you want it signed. And the fans responded. With carts and carts of mail. Well, Harrison, you got what you asked for. 

A great gesture by Barnes, but you have to wonder how long it will take him to sign all those items. 

[Golden State Warriors]

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What’s at stake for Rick Barnes and Texas in the NCAAs?

Texas takes on Arizona State in the NCAA tournament’s second round on Thursday.

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Damian Lillard Slams Backdoor Dunk over Harrison Barnes

Damian Lillard took advantage of a Golden State Warriors defense that was determined to deny a long-range attempt in the closing moments of a three-point game, beating Klay Thompson on a backdoor cut before unleashing a vicious righty spike on Harrison Barnes.

Lillard wound up with the poster, but the Dubs notched a critical 113-112 win in an ever-tightening Western Conference race.

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Matt Barnes Thinks Greg Stiemsma Deserved to Get Punched by O.J. Mayo

Milwaukee Bucks guard,O.J. Mayo was suspended for one game on Saturday for “forcibly striking” New Orleans Pelicans big man Greg Stiemsma during Friday night’s contest, per Sports Illustrated‘s Chris Mannix.

This should mark the end of a brief—but ugly—incident. Fights occasionally happen, the league steps in, metes out punishment, and everyone involved moves on.

But it seems that no NBA altercation is finished until Los Angeles Clippers wing Matt Barnes has his say. The controversial small forward took to Twitter to comment on a game he wasn’t involved in, stirring up a hornet’s nest by saying Stiemsma probably deserved a punch:


Let this be a lesson to everyone on social media: If you’re about to begin a comment with the words, “Without looking at it, I think…,” please delete said comment immediately.

For those of you who are interested in actually looking at it, here’s a video of the incident in question:

Shockingly, Mayo—the perpetrator of the incident in question—showed far more remorse than Barnes. After the game, Mayo sounded genuinely sorry for losing control and acting in such an unprofessional manner, according to Charles Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal:

Of course, Barnes has some history of his own with Stiemsma. Per Sports Illustrated’s Ben e was assessed a flagrant 2 foul and ejected last season from a game for shoving Stiemsma (then a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves) in the throat. Why does everybody feel the need to hit this guy in the throat?

If Barnes is suspended, it won’t be the first time this season. He was punished earlier in the season for a profanity-laced tweet directed at his own teammates, and SB Nation’s Steve Perrin said at the time that no amount of punishment would stop the incorrigible forward from curbing his anger:

But there’s no one on the Clippers that’s going to care now that it’s done. … We’d all be pretty happy if Barnes would actually put a little more thought into his confrontationsbut he won’t.  

The Clippers are currently locked in a tight battle for home-court advantage in the Western Conference playoffs. With J.J. Redick out indefinitely and Jamal Crawford suffering through a nagging calf injury, they cannot afford to lose any more perimeter players. Matt Barnes needs to keep his mouth shut, for the good of his team.

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