Gilbert Arenas has harsh words for Al Sharpton, rioters

Everybody has an opinion regarding the recent events happening in St. Louis, some are outraged, some have been quiet and some have started taking matters into their own hands. Like other athletes, Gilbert Arenas expressed himself via social media on the killing of Mike Brown and he was not happy about the looting or the presence of Civil Rights leader, Rev. Al Sharpton. Via Necole *******:   Arenas held NO punches. Calling him a “Thot” may have been a bit strong, but Arenas felt it was necessary for his audience to see the extreme he felt Sharpton was going.  The killing of Michael Brown has brought out a lot of emotions of not just African Americans but everybody, its a time where civil liberties have been compromised and the promise of this country words are failing. Never should anyone feel in fear of the people who are hired to protect us from evil, never should a race have to question “What do I do to keep my child safe?” This isn’t just a war on a minorities but the war of this country. Ra

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Nick Young And Gilbert Arenas Go Old School Shooting On Fisher Price Hoop

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Nick Young and big-time scoring guard in his glory days Gilbert Arenas settle a bet, one shot each on a Fisher Price hoop. The game got very intense as Arenas buried three shots in a row and Young sunk two, however, Young’s last attempt was borderline questionable. Rules and regulations on Fisher Price hoops; does Young’s last shot count? Check out the clip. The post Nick Young And Gilbert Arenas Goes Old School Shooting On Fisher Price Hoop appeared first on Basketball Bicker.

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Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas Square Off in Ridiculous Fisher Price Shootout

Who wants to watch two grown men play Fisher Price basketball with a zeal typically reserved for school children?

If this sounds up your alley, prepare to feast your eyes on this shootout between Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard and the baller in exile recently faced off in what can only be described as a battle of plastic rim titans. Thankfully, Swaggy P uploaded footage from the competition to Instagram, where it was spotted by John Ferensen of

The two men played on what appears to be a Fisher Price version of a Goalrilla. To put it mildly, things got real.

Warning: Videos contain NSFW language and grown men swiveling their hips over a children’s game.

According to Young, the two were placing wagers on their long distance shots.

“It’s Gettin real in here vs [Arenas] we betting on these fisher-Price long distance shots,” Young wrote in his Instagram post.

There you have it, sports fans. Your new office victory dance. 

Next time you swish a paper ball in the wastebasket, make sure to point to a coworker and yell “Pro-fesh-onal!” 

Also, make sure you work the hips. Always work the hips.


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The 8 best arenas to watch college basketball

Add these to your bucket list.

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Gilbert Arenas Screams at Nick Young, Reminds Us All Not to Drive and Instagram

Want to see a video of rich people screaming and completely disregarding the rules of the road?

If so, Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young have you covered.

Judging by the video he posted to his Instagram account, Arenas recently encountered Young while cruising down the highway in California. What did the former Wizards guard do? He lost his mind, of course.

The video was spotted by Paul Sacca of, and begins with Arenas saying “When you see a Laker…on the FREEWAY…this is what you do!”

The video then cuts to a shot of Young—or a man in a Lakers warmup shirt who looks a lot like Young—driving a white Range Rover alongside Arenas’ car. 

Arenas yells “Nick Young!!!” while Nick Young takes video…of Arenas taking video…of him taking video.

Mind you, the two are traveling on the freeway while this is happening, and while Arenas appears to be the in the passenger seat while shooting his video, Young is definitely driving his car and trying to film.

Granted, what Young does in his car is his business—but when you’re on the “freeway,” maybe just give him a wave and then move on. No one deserves to be injured over a Gilbert Arenas Instagram video.

Imagine that, Lakers fans. Do you want to see a headline that says “Nick Young in Hospital After High Speed Instagram Accident With Gilbert Arenas”? Nope. No one does.

Arenas, on the other hand, can afford to injure himself in the name of Instagram humor. The former NBA star is still bringing in money from the six-year, $111 million contract he signed with the Washington Wizards in 2008—a fact he’s quick to share with the world.

Just last week, Arenas showed off his NBA cash flow by posting a picture of a roll of $100 bills, claiming he used them as toilet paper.

Wipe away, Gilbert—but lets do our part to keep current NBA players healthy and in the league.


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Gilbert Arenas has so much money …

Gilbert Arenas did not play in the NBA last season, yet reportedly took home more than $20 million thanks to a six-year, $111 million contract he signed with Washington in 2008. He was traded to Orlando in 2010 and was amnestied by the Magic in 2011. So he is being paid eight figures not to play.

But enough of that nonsense. Gilbert, figuring you may forget about with him sittin’ around at home when he’s not playing in China, wanted to remind everybody he’s still alive . . . and still gettin’ paid.

“Money don’t change ppl..the lack of money does..never seen a rich person rob a bank.

while u hate on my life I’m wiping my with this here haha

If that makes you scratch your head, or say out loud a three-letter acronym, well, he posted this just before the one above.

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Gilbert Arenas Uses $100 Dollar Bills As Toilet Paper (PICTURE)

Gilbert Arenas hasn’t been a relevant NBA play in years now, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still racking in the cash.
The Orlando Magic will pay Arenas $22-million dollars this season, and he’s not even on their roster.
So what do you do when you have a ton of free time and an influx of money? Wipe you a$$ with benjamins… duhh. Check out Arenas Instagram post:

It could be worse. Or maybe not. C’mon now Agent Zero!
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VIDEO: Gilbert Arenas schools Steve Blake during scrimmage at Lakers practice facility

It appears that Gilbert Arenas has still got it.
In a video Arenas posted to his Instagram account, the former All-Star can be seen playing at the Lakers’ practice facility in El Segundo. Unfortunately for Steve Blake, the clips that Agent Zero decided to share with the world shows the Lakers point guard getting schooled numerous times.
“Helping the lakers guards get reason for the season,” Arenas wrote, “(thx for letting me rock with u guys) good luck this season”:

This video was likely shot a week or so ago; at the moment, the Lakers are focussed on their current group of players under contract as training camp is underway and the team’s first pre-season game is this Saturday.
Also, this doesn’t mean that the Lakers are about to sign Arenas – even though they have had interest in the guard in the past – but it definitely looks like Agent Zero can still ball.

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Big East Basketball: Ranking the Conference’s Best Arenas

For all fans of college basketball, the adjustment period from the old Big East to the new realigned Big East will not be an easy one. 

The traditional powers like Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Louisville and Notre Dame are now gone from the conference, and so are the spectacular venues they call home. 

Entering the conference to join the so-called “Catholic Seven” are three new basketball programs that are rich in tradition, but which of the 10 teams has the best arena in the Big East? 

Based on fan turnout, atmosphere, capacity and a few intangibles, I gave it my best try to rank all the basketball arenas where Big East basketball will be played in this season. 

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Clippers may give Arenas invite?

Gilbert Arenas may have a tryout for the Los Angeles Clippers next month Could good ol’ Gilbert Arenas be on his way back to the NBA? Agent Zero has been looking good in summer workouts for the Los Angeles Clippers, which could lead to an invite to the Clippers’ training camp next month, according to HOOPSWORLD‘s Adam Kennedy.   I’m hearing that Gilbert Arenas has looked good in workouts this summer. The Clippers may invite him to training camp, according to sources. — Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) September 17, 2013   The days of dropping 60 points in a game are long gone, but Arenas, who will be turning 32 in January, still could provide some scoring and outside shooting off the bench. The real question is how much does Arenas have left after mostly being irrelevant the last several years following altercations with guns and dealing with injuries.   The post Gilbert Arenas on his way back to the NBA? appeared first on Pass The Pill – Kings of Hoops.

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